Nicole Gottselig

Nicole Gottselig

Energetic Healings and Channelled Readings

Helping you release what no longer serves you through Divine connection with spirit.

“If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.”

― Wayne W. Dyer

Energetic Healing

As an energy healer, I am entrusted by the Divine to open rooms in the astral realm to receive healing and messages that I share with you for your highest and greatest good.

Working with my spirit guides, ancestors, angels and God, I channel this Divine information to you through a variety of healing modalities.

This may include channelled messages, guided imagery, therapeutic touch and energetic purging.

Sometimes, your loved ones in spirit may step in with messages of support for you, too.

You can expect to feel safe, nurtured, empowered and supported with me.

Channelled Reading

As a medium, my sensitivity allows me to open other rooms of awareness.

I do this through the physical body (clairsentience), through clear knowing (claircognizance), and through insight beyond the physical realm (clairvoyance).

This may show up in a session as connecting to your loved ones in spirit and your higher self; or offering information to a question about a situation in your life.

The information that comes through these channels, offer information to help you in your life's journey.


Energetic Healing

Release what is no longer serving you in a safe, supportive and comforting session.

€80 for 60 minutes

Channelled Reading

Connect with your soul and loved ones with supportive messages from spirit.

€35 for 30 minutes

€70 for 60 minutes


Receive guidance or support from spirit on a single topic in a 20-minute call.

€20 for 20 minutes

Connect with me

If you feel the calling to work with me , please send me a note to set up an appointment or to have a short intro call.